About Us

The Eswatini Cane Growers Association (ECGA) is a member owned/funded non-governmental (NGO) and not for profit (NFP) entity established through an Act of Parliament (Cane Growers Act No.12 of 1967 as amended) with retrospective effect to October 1963. The ECGA is a body corporate with capacity to sue and be sued. The main purpose of the ECGA is to serve and support cane growers through promoting, advocating..., representing and fostering their collective interests, sustainability and progress. The Act mandates the Minister of Agriculture to impose an annual levy on all growers upon the recommendation of the ECGA. Historically, the operations of the ECGA have been funded almost exclusively by the levy which is charged per ton of sucrose supplied to and accepted by the Miller.

The ECGA and the Eswatini Millers Association are equal owners (50% shareholders each) partners of the Eswatini Sugar Association (ESA).

In addition to the Act, the entity is guided by a comprehensive constitution which spells out the objectives and functions of the Association. These functions can be broadly categorised into two, being; to represent and serve the cane growers in Eswatini.

Membership of the ECGA is voluntary and open to any person who is a holder, in his own name, of a permit or quota, subject to approval by the ECGA Executive Committee. Notwithstanding the generality of the membership, the Constitution excludes from membership grower(s) who either: "Is a member of any other association of sugar cane growers in Eswatini or who is also a sugar miller in Eswatini and/or is a person in whom any sugar miller in Eswatini is directly or indirectly interested."

Our Culture
S – Service Driven
U – United
G – Goal-oriented
A – Adaptable
R – Reliable